10 Important Lessons for Handling Stressed Customers

When a business needs to put forth a great image of itself the way it communicates with the customers and clients has a crucial role to play. VoIP services help businesses in this aspect. You would be able to find on thevoiphub, the most trusted VoIP service providers. Handling stressed customers is an art. Here are 10 things to remember to be able to be able to handle them better-

  1. Grab that thin line between empathy and sympathy. Sympathy makes them feel weak and they would not be able to interact well in such a situation.
  2. Stay calm and this calmness would help customers feel more relaxed. Your composure would help them calm down and think better.
  3. There is nothing personal about any of the interactions that happen between you and your customers. Taking things personally would make the interactions bitter and it would make it difficult for both the parties involved.
  4. Work on your anger management skills. Work stress and personal stress might already be filling up your mind and handling a stressed customer should not make you lose your cool in such a situation. Never show anger in your voice or body language.
  5. Practice strong body language skills. Your body language should show that you are genuinely interested in listening to the customer.
  6. Strengthen your listening skills. Allow the customer to fully complete his statement before you attempt to answer him or her.
  7. Practice a little compassion while also sticking with the processes. Mechanically sticking with the processes, the rulebook might not be good sometimes. There is no book that teaches you about every type of customer out there.
  8. Try to acknowledge what the customer tells and encourage him to speak. Stating a few details from your conversation would show that you were actually listening.
  9. Customer experience should be enhanced to help retain the customers and this is very important to work towards customer acquisition.
  10. Interpersonal communication skills and customer focus related training sessions can be of great help.