7 Steps to Avoid Getting Fired (Or Sued) When Starting A Side Business

Many people have a side business when working for a day job, though this might sound interesting, you can get into severe trouble if you do not follow certain rules. There are 7 tips you can use to avoid getting fired from your day job while having a side business.

1) Know the company policies: Many companies restrict their employees from working on any other job or business while working for them. The top reason behind it is that having a side business can distract you from your job, so before thinking about starting a business, understand your company policies.

2) Understand all agreements: Different companies can ask you to sign different agreements; these agreements can have many minute details. It is better to consult a legal advisor that can explain you all these details, especially if you are working in a foreign country it is important to consult an immigration lawyer.

3) Company information: It is prohibited to use your company’s information or Proprietary in any form for your side business. This includes patent details and every small secret of your company.

4) Former co-workers: When working on your business try not to involve any of your former co-workers as you might have an anti-poaching agreement with your former employer.

5) Working on side business during office hours: Your day job hours should be completely used for company work only, so do not do any of your business work during these hours.

6) Using company resources: Don’t use any of the company resources for your business purpose. This includes a printer, papers, internet, telephone, software, and every small and big resource.

7) Be open with your employer: If you are planning to have a side business while working on your day job, be open about it with your employer, especially if your business is not in direct competition with your current office. You can tell about your business before joining the day job or if you are already working then after understanding all the rules and regulations of your company.… Read the rest

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Bringing Your Dog to Work: How to Convince Your Boss

Is there anyone how hate the cute and fluffy dogs? The answer will be no one. Though we have fear of the dogs, our hearts will get melted when we start playing it. That is why most of us having a pet dog in their homes. We will never feel to leave our dogs at home when we move to our workplace. So we will start thinking to bring them with us. But is there possible to bring with us to the workplace and do everyone will good with it? The answer will be a big no. Because some co-workers will feel very irritated with the sound they make and they will spoil the entire workplace. This is the main reason why most of them disagree for bringing it.

We have to convince our boss first when we plan to bring our pet dog to our office building. The dogs will definitely reduce the mental stress of the people due to the work pressure in the office. When we spend some minutes with our dogs, we will definitely feel fresh and energetic and so we can give out the best in our works.

We can easily convince our boss when we bring the dogs with all safety measurements. We should vaccine the dogs at the perfect time to avoid causing serious infections when it bites someone. For this reason, only most of the bosses do not allow their employees to bring.

The boss will get convinced once the employees bring their dogs in a neat and well manner. The dogs can be brought in a peg strollers so that it cannot move here and there and disturb the working employees. The one who brings can have it near his or her seats. We can get dog and pet strollers even from online but it is quite expensive.

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Smart Ways to Avoid Bad Reviews of Your Restaurant

The best way to win the heart of a man is the way through his stomach, a dinner with family in a warm cozy dine-in the restaurant is the best way to unwind a stressful workweek. While there are, people who are looking to eat in new places based on the reviews by the customers who have already visited the place along with the ambiance and the most important opinion about the food. The menu, the location, and the service are the top ratings that matter there are other finer points that are vied by potentially new visitors; positive reviews are always welcome, while the negative reviews do hurt the business of the restaurants.

Smart ways to avoid the negative reviews from few guests are:

  • always apologize for any delay in serving the food, the hungry lot could do well with an extra serving of a dessert or main course, it is a great way to please the customers who will not give a bad review
  • face the criticism with a pinch of salt, hands-on approach to a negative and not so great comment by guests should be accepted and try to rectify the comments so that there are no hands down about your place in the social media, this could be important as not having insect pest control edinburgh service at your restaurant
  • online reviews are a real challenge, responding to the negative comments and ironing the issue is better than having it online, it could well be a bad experience handled with great support from the customer rather than digging your head in the sand
  • a good strategy is to target the negative review customers and ask them to visit the restaurant again for better food, service with a good incentive like a discount on the total bill or a free appetizer to begin with.
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