Self-Closing Commercial Fridges for Energy Savings

A commercial refrigerator with a self-closing door is ideal for any restaurant owner. It can help save money, by preventing the cold air from escaping from the fridge when it is accidentally left open. This is also great for reducing your impact on the environment, which is always important when running a busy restaurant. Here we will take a look at some self-closing commercial refrigerators so you are sure to find something which will suit your needs and requirements.

All different styles of refrigerator can have a self-closing door, including merchandising fridges, prep refrigerators and standard upright refrigerators to name just a few. Different sizes of refrigerator can come with self-closing doors too, so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect refrigerator for all your requirements.

For pizza restaurants, the Norpole 24 cu. Ft. is an excellent choice. The doors will stay open once they have been opened to 90 degrees, but will help save energy by self-closing otherwise. The stay open feature is handy for when unpacking a large delivery, and the fridge is also on wheels meaning it can easily be moved to another location. There are many other Norpole refrigerators with the handy self-closing doors, including a large 3 door model which is ideal for large commercial kitchens.

If you regularly slice your own ham, bread or cheese, another great product for your kitchen is the Berkel 834 slicer for professional kitchens. It can be used for all of these products, as well as onions or other vegetables and fruit. The slicer can create thick or thin slices, making it an extremely versatile product. And you can store all your sliced products and display them neatly in your new self-closing refrigerator!… Read the rest

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