In a Relationship With an Entrepreneur? Here Are 10 Things You Should Never Say or Do

Been there done that!

I have been in a relationship with an entrepreneur and I know how much of a blessing it is. I also know for sure how tough it is to be able to be satisfied with the very little quality time that they may be able to squeeze from their busy schedule.

So, this person that I was in a relationship with was so busy that he hardly had the time and the inclination to even have his own meals on time. I was emphatic but you know how things get when you bottle up your feelings imagining that the other person in the relationship is either too removed from your feelings or is hard-hearted and cares nothing for what you feel.

Actually, it is neither!

Being a workaholic and being an entrepreneur is one and the same thing mostly that is!

These people who have mooted the idea of their own businesses will no doubt like their business like their own children. I mean which parent will not care enough for his child to divert his attention when it needs the most; at least in the younger years.

I like to draw this parallel of a parent and child because it explains the concept beautifully and unambiguously.

So, what did I do?

I got onto the internet and ordered some great sex toys and aid that has improved nay spruced up even the most minimum of time that we have for each other. The fun we have during foreplay especially like ten-fifteen minutes before his meeting or an appointment is the best part. I have had my best moments when his mind is on something and I have to seduce him to get on to me. I am sure he keeps thinking about it afterward judging from the frequency that we hit on each other nowadays.

No magic this, log on to and see how you can be on his mind all the time. Have fun!