The Best Techniques to Make New Employees Feel Welcome

A new employee in the any Organization is like a new-born baby entering the different world and it is the duty of the organization to arrange a grand welcome ceremony for their new employees in order to make them feel comfortable.  The new employees are like fresh clay in which the organization can mold these employees into a perfect shape which helps to fits them into the organization better.  As you know “Happy starts comes always with the happy ending”.  If the employee settles quickly into the business, he shows increased output with more job satisfaction.  The employee morale about the company also increases which in turns helps to improve his performance if there is any lag. Generally, in many large organizations, the HR department carry out this entire Induction process.

There are a few things you need to consider while inducting a new employee into your organization and they are;

  • Conducting Induction programmes:

The very first step in the organization when an employee enters is to conduct the induction formalities which include filling up the company biodata file, creating bank accounts if necessary and giving out the job description.

  • Understanding his Roles:

Make them feel comfortable into the work.  Don’t allocate too many jobs on the very first day.  Give him a time and space to get settled into the organization may be a week so that he has the opportunity to understand his role and what is expected from him.

  • Introducing him to the team members:

It is the duty of the organization to introduce the new employee to each functional department and to the employees who are working in the organization.  This helps new employee to know the various process involved in the business organization and his key role to be played for the growth of the organization.

  • Creating a Bonding between the employees:

Introducing the new employee in the organization helps to create a bonding between the other employees which helps in turn to increase job satisfaction.

  • Conducting Training programmes:

Many Organizations started conducting initial training programmes for new employees to make them very clear about their job roles.  This helps to enhance their performance in the organization.

The employee feels unsatisfied and he has every right to register his views in the following link which helps to make him better.  But there are many induction techniques practiced across the globe, to overcome these issues well in advance in order to increase employee satisfaction, performance, and morale.